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Color choices:

  • Cottage Mix

    The ultimate choice for a random stone pattern. Each box of cottage mix contains a mix of the five Plastirock colors. Combined with our 100+ shapes, there are over 500 color and shape combinations possible!
  • Light Granite

    A neutral gray with a medium texture that is well suited for area applications or as a neutral accent to bold colors.
  • Dark Granite

    The coarse texture and darker tone of this rock pairs well with natural wood and in area applications with lots of natural light.
  • Ivory Coast Granite

    The perfect choice for a “light” rock, the blonde color and fine texture of this rock brightens any surface.
  • Coarse Sandstone

    Bold and beautiful, this rock pairs well with neutral colors and as a companion to dark, natural woods.
  • Fine Sandstone

    A classic sandstone look that is well suited for area applications or as a colored accent to bold colors.
  • Corners & Ledgers

    Corner stones and ledgers are available in all colors for the perfect fit and finish.