PLASTIROCK molded stone is a realistic, lightweight and durable alternative to cast and cultured stone products.

Plastirock is your best choice for custom stone siding and accent projects. With over 100 individual river rock shapes, you can cover entire walls with Plastirock and never use the same shape twice. Avoid the repetition of pattern you get with stone veneer panels and other imitation stone products.

Choose from five real rock colors that have been specially formulated and custom matched to real rock for the most realistic imitation rock you will find. Plastirock is not coated, painted or surfaced. The color is molded right into the product using our specially formulated plastic polymers and manufacturing process to ensure consistent color throughout the thickness of the material.

Plastirock is extremely light weight in comparison to cultured and cast stone of similar size and shape, making installation a breeze. Perfect for do-it-yourself projects, use Plastirock wherever you would use traditional stone products — siding, accent walls, islands, bathrooms — but at a fraction of the cost and effort.

Plastirock is non-toxic, odorless and emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Safe to use indoors or outdoors, it will not rot, is waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew.

Color choices:

  • Cottage Mix

    The ultimate choice for a random stone pattern. Each box of cottage mix contains a mix of the five Plastirock colors. Combined with our 100+ shapes, there are over 500 color and shape combinations possible!
  • Light Granite

    A neutral gray with a medium texture that is well suited for area applications or as a neutral accent to bold colors.
  • Dark Granite

    The coarse texture and darker tone of this rock pairs well with natural wood and in area applications with lots of natural light.
  • Ivory Coast Granite

    The perfect choice for a “light” rock, the blonde color and fine texture of this rock brightens any surface.
  • Coarse Sandstone

    Bold and beautiful, this rock pairs well with neutral colors and as a companion to dark, natural woods.
  • Fine Sandstone

    A classic sandstone look that is well suited for area applications or as a colored accent to bold colors.
  • Corners & Ledgers

    Corner stones and ledgers are available in all colors for the perfect fit and finish.